Nirvana Sutra

Appreciation of the "Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra"

Hello my dear Friends,
                 Here is a new video (9 August 2019) on the broad political implications of the Tathagatagarbha Doctrine (its opposition to tyranny and dictatorship).
    Sorry about the advertising banner which you will see across the lower part of the screen when you watch the short video: I tried to remove it, but was unable to do so.
      To view the video, please copy and paste the following link into the URL bar at the top of your computer screen (browser):
       Hope you find the video of some value. The oppression (including free-speech suppression and human rights suppression) of an entire people is not something that any aspiring Bodhisattva could ever support. I think you will agree with me!
      Warm wishes to you all.