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'A Trip to Nirvana'

The following account of a deep and rich spiritual experience was kindly sent to me by a European reader of this ‘Nirvana Sutra’ website. He expresses very vividly the experience itself and his understanding of it, linking it in part to teachings of the Nirvana Sutra and similar Buddhist texts (as well as some Hindu and Christian ideas and notions). The reader may find the following account fascinating. It is for the reader to make of it what he or she will.

 – Dr. Tony Page, 5 August 2018


Copyright Loh Tse 06/2018 partial or total reproduction of  this text is only permitted with the written permission of the author.

This report is also available in German („Reise ins Nirvana: Bericht über eine Nirvana Erfahrung“) and Spanish („Viaje a Nirvana: Informe sobre una experiencia Nirvana“).



Trip to Nirvana

Report on a Nirvana experience

by Loh Tse





  • Prolog
  • Above the Titanic
  • OM – in the beginning was the sound
  • Separation of body and soul
  • Time travel
  • Ascension
  • Brahmajyoti
  • Pyramid Power
  • Nirvana experience
  • Return to earth
  • Authentic Buddhism
  • Authentic Christianity




„He who seeks shall not stop seeking until he finds; and when he finds, he will be frightened, and after he is frightened, he will be astonished, and he will reign over the cosmos.“ These words of Jesus in the Thomas Gospel verse 2 describe a Nirvana experience.

Other verses of the Gospel of Thomas contain even more detailed descriptions of Nirvana, but even these can only be understood by someone who has experienced Nirvana. Thus it is a special honor for Loh Tse to decipher them and thereby contribute to the restoration of the original teaching of Jesus Christ.

Nirvana (moksha) is the highest achievable spiritual objective for a human: it is the reunification with his spiritual origin in Cosmic Consciousness.

„Reunification“ is also the meaning of the word „religion“, which goes back to the Latin „religare“ (reunification). All world religions have the same origin and thus in their original form also the same objective, which is called Nirvana in Buddhism and Moksha in Hinduism.

Cosmic Consciousness is a virtual and autonomous intelligence (Brahman) already described in the Vedas many thousands of years ago, that manifests and materializes in infinite universes as the Universal Consciousness (Paramatman). In Buddhism it is called Tathagatagarbha, and in Christianity Holy Spirit.

There is also Nirvana (eternal life in the Kingdom of God, in Cosmic Consciousness) in Christianity, there is a Bodhisattva (Buddha-like Savior Jesus Christ), there is the law of Karma (seed and harvest), and there was the doctrine of reincarnation (until 543 A.D.).

Even in the past pyramid cultures, the highest spiritual objective was to engage the individual consciousness of the human being with the fractal structure of the material world by generating the resonance frequency of the OM, in order to transport it to the Brahmajyoti (interface of the Universal Consciousness), from where a reunification with the Cosmic Consciousness (Nirvana) can be done.

Nirvana is not just a religious process of consciousness. Within the material world the individual human consciousness is accompanied by the subtle body on his journey to Nirvana, following the rules of spiritual technology, described in the Vedas already thousands of years ago, but presented here to the public for the first time in a demystified, understandable form.

The report describes in detail each phase of Loh Tse's Nirvana experience, underlines them with the corresponding descriptions from the Vedic, Buddhist, and Christian scriptures, highlights their connections with modern quantum physics and astrophysics, and deciphers with that the phenomenon of wave/particle dualism, which is inextricably linked to the existence of the Universal Consciousness.


Above the Titanic


North Atlantic, 300 nautical miles south-southeast of Newfoundland


All began in September 1986. We were navigating the heavy-lift freighter MV „Titan“ from Canada to Belgium. I was the second Nautical Officer aboard this ship, and I took turns navigating the same rotatory with the First Officer in six-hour sea watches, day and night, seven days a week, and month after month.

On most of the merchant ships there was also a Third Nautical Officer, and the sea watches then only lasted two times four hours a day for everyone, but not so on our ship. We worked around four hundred hours each month, and for three months I had not slept more than five hours at a time.

Incidentally, I was a baptized Christian, not Buddhist or Hindu. My attitude to life was absolutely positive, and of course this was also transmitted to my social environment. I always tried to live harmoniously with my fellow human beings. Hatred, violence, arrogance, envy, greed, resentment and selfishness were completely alien to me.

Already as a child I had become aware of my telepathic talent. For example, when the phone rang, I always knew who it was. A little later, the thoughts of my parents, siblings and friends opened up to me. And finally, I was able to literally predict whole conversations with strangers seconds before. That was really extraordinary, and nobody could explain it then.

Today we know that all of the decisions we consciously make were made in our subconscious seconds before, and the observations of science suggest it is the same with the spoken word, that it lies ready as a thought in the subconscious already seconds before it is pronunciated.

When, at that time, providence saved me from fatal accidents in three successive cases, I began to understand the existence of a communication network between the subconscious of people. In all three cases, an inner voice had prompted me to immediately leave the place where I was. Seconds later these places transformed into scenes of total chaos and destruction.

I understood it as Divine Providence and decided therefore at the age of thirteen to dedicate my life to the search for God, in whom I suspected the center of this communications network.

It was clear to me that on the one hand I had to begin my search within myself, for the Divine dwells in us, and on the other hand in nature, for that also was God's creation and therefore a part of him.

So the decision for the seafaring was later obvious, because on a ship you live almost like in a hermitage and have the necessary loneliness to look into yourself, on the other hand at sea you are completely surrounded by nature, and not least the astronomical navigation opens the view into universe, where god had to be omnipresent. On top of that, you move with a ship, and when you move, there's more chance of finding something than just staying in the same place, waiting for it to come to you.

After the Nautical School, I hired on the heavy-lift freighter MS „Titan“ as the second Nautical Officer and boarded in Yokohama, Japan, where the ship was being loaded with heavy equipment parts for a Chicago car factory at the Great Lakes (USA). The MS „Titan“ was a tramp ship, so without a fixed route, and the upcoming journey was to take us all the way around the world.

From Yokohama, we crossed the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles/California/USA without any incidents, refueled there, and then went on south. After crossing the Panama Canal, we passed Kingstown/Jamaica, sailed around the southeastern cape of Cuba, through the Bahamas, with the Gulf Stream along Miami Beach, up the entire US east coast and through the Saint Lawrence River to the Great Lakes. In Chicago, we unloaded our cargo and then went downstream to Three Rivers, Canada, where we took a charge (10,000 tons) of iron ore. With this we were now on our way to Antwerp/Belgium.

The captain had drawn our course into the sea chart from the mouth of the St. Lawrence River quite far south to avoid the fog fields further up in the north. Our heading point was 41° 44' north and 49° 57' west. I was supposed to stick to that position, and when I reached it, which was calculated for about two o'clock in the morning, I would have to change the course of our ship to the east, towards the English Channel.

In addition, he had pointed out to me that the wreckage of the RMS „Titanic“ had been found at the heading position about a year ago, and that there may be salvage or research vessels there. So I should be well on the lookout, and also be aware of anything out of the ordinary, because he had heard that occasionally there is strange phenomena in such places.

And then it became midnight, and my nocturnal sea watch on the command bridge of MV „Titan“ began, and the following happened:


OM – in the beginning was the sound


Patiently, the ship’s clock beat to the rhythm of transience. Twice its bright sound chimed, almost like a prayer bell, through the command bridge of the MV „Titan“.

Softly the ship cut through the glassy sea and slid through a windless, starry night, accompanied by the smooth, soothing thumping of its enormous engine.

Silently I stood in the pale lit map room of the bridge and looked at the second hand of the ship’s clock, placed under a sheet of glass in the card table. I had in mind to mark our position for two o’clock a.m. in the navigation chart.

We had just reached our target point, when I perceived a deep humming sound, like the sung „OMMMMMMM ...“ of meditating monks.

„OM“ is the sound of „Brahman“ and includes, according to Vedic knowledge (Vedic high culture/India), the cause for the material manifestation of our entire visible world as well as for all life.

In order to understand OM it must be known what Brahman is. In the Bhagavad-Gita (cap. 13, verse 13 ff.) Krishna (God) also calls Brahman his „spiritual nature“ (or „origin”) and describes it as follows:

„Unlimited by sensory bonds, it shines as if through sensory power. It carries the universe, and untouched it enjoys every feature. It is in and out of the world, firm and agile, so fine that no one is aware of it. It is both remote and close. Divided it penetrates all beings, but really it remains undivided. Conserves their existence with its power, creates and destroys them steadily. The light of lights it’s called, enthroned beyond all darkness. Recognition and recognition’s goal, in every being's heart it lives.“

If I understand this enchanting poetry as a description of a complex physical principle and translate it into today's language and understanding, the text would read like this:

Brahman is not subject to sensory limitation. Its perceptual senses consist of a net of light waves (quantum net). Brahman contains the physical forces which hold the universe together, and the heavenly bodies in their orbits. But Brahman itself does not succumb to these forces.

Brahman’s net of light waves (quantum net) does not only exist in our world, but also in the space above it (solar system, galaxies, universe). From him not only the solid matter is created, but also all living beings. It is so subtle that you can not perceive it with human senses.

It may appear that light waves separate when they become part of different living beings, but in fact they form an indivisible unity: the Universal Consciousness.

The quantum net creates and maintains living beings with its power; however one part of the cycle of creation is also renewal and death.

The light of the lights (Brahmajyoti, the radiation of Brahman) is the energy source of the universe, and it is located beyond the dark in the center of our universe, where the dissolution of all matter takes place (see also drawings in the chapter Ascension).

In every living being rests the ability to recognize this Universal Consciousness.

The essence of the Universal Consciousness is described as Being – Consciousness – Bliss (Sat Chit Ananda). For this the following explanation:

The totality of all individual consciousnesses is the Universal Consciousness (sanskrit: paramatman). It consists of three main components.

The quantum net is Brahman in its „spiritual nature“ or as a physical principle. Through the quantum network functions the entanglement (connection) of all consciousnesses connected to the network, of course also that of our human ones. Energy source, interface and memory of the quantum network are in the Brahmajyoti radiation (see chapter: Light of Life).

The sensory as well as the information processing parts of the Universal Consciousness are our individual consciousnesses (sanskrit: atman). The Universal Consciousness perceives the material world over our individual consciousnesses, observes them through our eyes, hears them with our ears, and feels them with our hands. Atman, on the one hand, passes on the information we send out to the Universal Consciousness (all our sensory perceptions, all emotions, and all thoughts), and on the other hand, receives from the Universal Consciousness all information relevant to us.

The Universal Consciousness (paramatman) is a virtual and autonomous intelligence that uses the totality of all individual consciousnesses, of all living beings, for information gathering and further processing.

And here now back to the essence of the Universal Consciousness:

Being is the quantum net. It is just passive existent as a physical reality.

Consciousness is the Universal Consciousness (paramatman), which consists of the totality of all individual consciousnesses (atman) in the quantum net.

And bliss is attributed to the virtual and autonomous intelligence of the Universal Consciousness that is found omnipresent throughout the quantum net.

The Quantum Net can be imagined as a (3D) three dimensional TV with a structure similar to that of a holography, in which fractals (smallest basic building blocks with electromagnetic resonant circuits) form the pixels. The radiation from the light source of the Universal Consciousness (see chapter „Light of Life”) gives to the individual pixels the impulse to light up, and the entirety of all illuminated pixels lets the visible world appear in front of our eyes.

Everything we can see, feel or touch in this world are interference patterns („knitting patterns“) of electromagnetic waves.

The pixels have, where we can touch them, a firm texture, but this is not the permanent property of these pixels, rather than a property they adopt due to a corresponding „knitting pattern” (interference pattern) of electromagnetic waves from the Universal Consciousness and the simultaneously perception of a human consciousness (wave/particle dualism).

As the wave/particle dualism shows us, during perception of an electromagnetic wave there is a reflection over the human consciousness, similar as over a mirror in a holography. Electromagnetic waves only assume particle character (holography only occurs) when observed by a human consciousness (when the projection beam is also reflected by the observer).

And that can only happen if our consciousness is permanently connected with the interface of the Universal Consciousness in the Brahmajyoti (see chapter of the same name), from which the knitting patterns are projected into our Universe.

When we move the pointer on the screen of our computer from left to right, by controlling it with the mouse, we do not transport any pixel of the screen from left to right, instead we just mark them black one after the other along the line the pointer travels over the screen. If the screen would be 3D, we could touch the pixels in the moment when the pointer appears on it, and in the next moment, when the pointer moves on, not anymore.

And that's how the earth makes its way through the universe. At one time it materializes here in the Quantum Net, and in the next second a little bit further there. And when we humans move, it's the same thing. We do not move the matter, out of which we seem to exist, but the interference patterns that make up our subtle body continuously materialize other pixels in the quantum net.

For that reason the material world in Hinduism and Buddhism is called „Maya“ = illusion. There is no solid matter in this sense (see also wave/particle dualism in the next chapter).

In fact our visible world only consists of electromagnetic waves. Substances that we take as „solid“, in reality consist of resonance patterns of electromagnetic waves. The natural resonance of a substance is created by the reflection of the electromagnetic waves at the edges of these substances.

The same thing happens to a tambourine skin, when you hit it in its center with a drum stick: the vibration of the skin runs to the edges, and is thrown back from there towards the center. The frequency of the audible tone is the natural frequency of the tambourine.

Every atom, every cell, every planet, every solar system, every galaxy and every universe vibrates at its own natural frequency, which is in direct proportion to the size of the respective structure. The natural frequencies of the different scales are related to each other in the ratio of the golden section. Both scientific observations clearly indicate a fractal structuring of the universe.

Such a fractal structuring of the universe (equally to that of a human organism) is described in Sri Yantra with the nesting of the interlocking triangles. Changing only a single angle, even if only slightly, will result in the simultaneous change in the overall universe-wide structure in all scales, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. This allows simultaneous transmission of information (consciousness) over infinite distances, as we can observe in the interlacing of light waves.

The point (Sanskrit „Bindu“) in the middle of the Sri Yantra symbolizes the potential matter (Prakrti), which is described as a tension-free static energy field, and gets only by action of time (Kala) into a vibration (shabda) that can be divided into three different phases: an up building (rajas), a sustaining (satva) and a degrading (tamas). Other names for these three phases are motion, balance and standstill.

This is the first creation product: a fractal in the function of a three-phase oscillation.

And from this first product of creation, from the vibration – which produces a sound – according to the Hindu scriptures, in succession the entire creation arises: gross matter, subtle matter as well as all spiritual forms!

Symbolically, this first creation product in Sri Yantra is represented by the small equilateral triangle surrounding the point (Bindu). Here it is added that the point - the static energy - also represents the limitless consciousness existing in primordial matter, which has to come out of itself for the purpose of self-knowledge in order to be able to look at itself from the outside, just as a person that looks into the mirror in order to create a picture of him or herself and thus a self-confidence. Self-reflection and self-assessment is not only an important step in personal development, but much more in evolution. And it is about the origin of life and its development here.

According to the Vedic scriptures, only when unlimited consciousness (in the static energy field) becomes aware of itself (starts oscillate due to polarization), can the universe manifest itself.

The sides of the triangle represent precisely these three components of the first creation product emerging from potential matter: the self-observing consciousness, consisting of the observer (subjective consciousness), the observed object (objective consciousness), and the time interval necessary for observation.

Again, as in the description of Brahman, the millennia-old Vedic texts here only become comprehensible when understood as a description of a physical principle:

An electromagnetic resonant circuit converts an electric field (standstill / state of charge / high voltage) into dynamic energy (motion / current flow / high current), and then the dynamic energy into a magnetic field (standstill), while magnetic and electric field always swing in a vibration around a perfect balance.

The first phase of its oscillation consists of the construction of the magnetic field (rajas), the second of the conservation of the magnetic field (satva), and the third of the dismantling of the magnetic field (tamas).

A consciousness produces thoughts as electric fields, which can be transformed via a resonant circuit into magnetic fields. Thus, in order to come back to the Vedic scriptures, the infinite consciousness (electrical energy) emerges out of itself, and the magnetic field that builds up registers (by induction in the changing magnetic field) all surrounding existing charges, thereby „observing“ itself.

Only fractals in the function of electromagnetic resonant circuits correspond in all conditions to the Vedic definitions of the original matter and ingeniously give the energy a measure of time (Kala): their natural resonance frequency!

And now we come back to the OM: the vibrations (spanda) cause, according to the tantric descriptions (Kamakala Vilasa, Saundarya Lahari) a sound (nāda) as in sighing with closed lips (Sanskrit „), like the „mmmmmm ...“ in the „OMMMMM ...“ And in fact, the OM is similar to the hum of a powerful AC transformer.

The always constant oscillation of the OM (natural frequency of the fractal resonant circuits) arises first in the context of the creation and is carried by the interlaced structure of all fractals (shown in Sri Yantra) as dynamic energy and synchronous time measurement throughout the entire universe! Therefor the sound OM is equated with Brahman and called the original cause and reason of all creation!

The Sanskrit word Brahman means „to swell, to expand, to grow, to magnify,“ and so it is the primary characteristic of a fractal to coalesce with others into larger structures.

It is precisely this fractal structure of the entire universe as well as of the human body (chakras) that is represented in the Sri Yantra with the interlocking triangles. Particularly striking is that the two large triangles have the same angle of repose as the Egyptian pyramids, which we will discuss later in this report.

By resonating with the vibration of the OM, one can log into the fractal structure described in Sri Yantra like into a navigation system and travel from our earth plane to the edge of our material universe.

Jesus once said to his disciples: „When people ask you, what is the sign of your Father in you? so answer them: It is motion and standstill“ (Thomas Gospel, verse 50). The fractal resonant circuits that make up our visible world are the distinctive hallmark of Brahman: the electric and magnetic fields mean standstill, and the swinging electricity represents the motion. As you can see, Jesus was well aware of this principle.

OM is the resonance frequency of the quantum network. And since human consciousness is part of Brahman, part of this network, made of the same components (fractals, resonant circuits), it has the same resonance frequency as Brahman itself.

The syllable OM is sung at a low resonance frequency. While exhaling when singing, OM is phonetically divided into „AAAUUUMMM ...“. Sing the M until you run out of air.

If you let the air flow through the vocal cords while you breathe in again, the syllable „EN“ almost spontaneously arises at a higher resonance frequency. Together result the AUM … EN, from which due to tradition developed the AMEN used in Christianity.

When humming the „OM“, monks and yogis try to bring themselves in resonance with the Universal Consciousness, to summon his personal appearance. In this case, the monks and yogis are the sound producers.

When the „OM“ by itself is registered in the consciousness (in the head - not in the ear) of a person, Brahman is the producer of the sound, and it means the beginning of a revelation of Brahman to the person concerned.

And that was exactly, what was happening here. The more I concentrated on this humming, the louder it became. It was a feedback between the call of Brahman, and the called party - me.

Now also my field of vision began to narrow from the outside!

All I could see was the ship's clock in front of me, and I was close to losing consciousness. What was the matter with me? I did not know what happened to me.


Separation of body and soul


The resonance offset vehemently my perception into vibration and shook literally my consciousness out of my head, until it broke through my skull ceiling and found a new, unknown to me, absolutely calm, weightless and obviously also timeless surrounding.  

When I looked back, I almost frightened to death. I saw my earthly body from a distance of several meters down there, bent over the ship's clock - through the 12 millimeters thick steel deck above the command bridge!

And I heard myself scream in fright. I heard it from above, from my consciousness outside of my body. I experienced the fright in my consciousness, and I had also formulated the scream in my consciousness. Only the sound waves of the scream came remotely from the throat of my earthly body. I had heard them with the ears of my earthly body, but I perceived them in my consciousness far above my body.

My consciousness was now in an absolutely identical copy of my earthly body, which was transparent though, but clearly perceptible with its bright bluish content and its milky whitish surface.

In the Indo-European language area, the subtle body together with the individual consciousness is commonly referred to as the soul, and for that reason I will continue to do so in this report, knowing that in Vedism (Vedic culture), Hinduism and Jainism, only the individual consciousness is named a soul (Atman), because only this is of spiritual nature and thus eternal. The subtle body is of material nature. In Buddhism, only the perfect, Buddha like part of the individual consciousness is considered eternal.

Only a weak lightly bluish band connected me (my soul) still with my body down there on the command bridge of the MV „Titan“. This „data band“ (in the Bible it is called „silver cord“ / see Ecclesiastes 12, 6) floated as being blown around by a soft magnetic wind between my new consciousness in weightless space and my motionless body on the ship - and apparently still supplied his functions. It was connected to the upper region of my neck just below the skull bone, of both earthly body and soul.

Apart from the somatic nervous system (consciousness, motor activity and perception) the soul also includes the autonomic nervous system with the control of all organs, as long as it is connected via data band to a body.

A soul is not subject to gravity and is driven and controlled solely by the power of thought. Flying is no problem at all. The MV „Titan“ under me navigated at 16 knots (30 km/h) over the North Atlantic, and I hovered weightless at the same speed above her.

The soul of a human being can, when it is separated from the body, permeate walls of concrete, glass or steel, so as if these did not even exist.

The eyes of a soul can see through any other substances as with a colored radar view, perceiving any enclosed irregularities (e.g. air bubbles in concrete, voids in hollow bricks, corrosion in steel) with high resolution.

My body could not do anything without my soul. I saw it there, from above, through the steel deck, unmoved and bent over the chart table, starring at the second hand of the ships clock, but it could not see anything because my sense of sight was up here with me in my soul! I saw the second hand of the ship's clock from up here, as it moved with the beat of the seconds: „tick, tack, tick, tack ... „

But just a moment please! What was that?

The second hand made „tick“, but moved only half a second later to the nearest second mark. Was the sense of sight in my soul now possibly phase shifted? How could that be?

This requires a closer contemplation. Light waves (electromagnetic waves) that enter in our eyes are split within the eyeball into two paths: the view part of the optical nerve, and the energetic part of the optical nerve.

The greater part of the intruding light waves passes through the energetic part of the optic nerve to the DNA in every individual cell of our body.

Only a relatively small part of the intruding light waves passes through the view part of the optic nerve to the thalamus (receptor and processor). And hereby something remarkable is happening: The part of the light waves which enter at the outer halves of the eye cups travel directly to the thalamus and touch down analogically there, i.e. the one from the right eye at the right side, and the one from the left eye at the left side of the thalamus.

The part of the light waves which enter at the inner halves of the eye cups cross over in front of the hypothalamus (in the chiasm) and therefore meet reversed at the thalamus, i.e. the one from the right eye at the left side of the thalamus, and the one from the left eye at the right side of the thalamus.

So now we have the same light wave in phase unity at the eyes, and contrary at the thalamus. Contrary directed light waves produce a 360° contra rotating phase shift and therefore „standing waves”!

Similarly it behaves with the radiation being transported by the energy part of the optic nerve to the DNA in each of our body cells.

The human DNA is composed of a double helix in the form of two parallel running electromagnetic waves (spirals). Electromagnetic waves are being induced in contrary directions and thus 360° contra rotating phase shifted.

The nucleotides located between the two spirals, which contain all genetic information, the „building blocks of life,“ are precisely in the region of the 360° contra rotating phase shifted interference and the standing electromagnetic waves.

For one 360° rotation (1 wave length) an A-DNA and B-DNA spiral needs 3.4 nm (nanometers). This corresponds to an electromagnetic wave frequency of 88.17 ph (pico hertz). The Z-DNA requires 4.4 nm for one full turn, which corresponds to an electromagnetic wave frequency of 68.13 ph.

Both frequencies belong to the range of extreme ultraviolet radiation, in the initial region of soft X-ray, and thus do not belong to the spectral range of the sun radiation.

Our DNA antennas are tuned for the reception of cosmic radiation!

With the cosmic radiation came the four-digit genetic code, or the „word“ in which life was (John 1.1 ff.). With the cosmic radiation also a „shut off“ can be effected for whole species such as for dinosaurs. The origin of all radiation is Brahmajyoti (see chapter „Light of Life”).

Just because our perception is „ciphered“ by a 360 ° rotating phase shift, and because all our body cells are equally „ciphered“, body and soul stick together! Dissolving one of the phase shifts, the soul separates from the body.

OM includes the sound which brings the pineal gland, located directly aft below the thalamus, into natural resonance. Hereby the light signals from the outer shells of the eyes to the thalamus are being interrupted, whereby the resonance field of all standing electromagnetic waves inside the thalamus collapses, and thus the connection between body and mind.

And already the soul is free from the body, and we are in the spiritual world.

While the terrestrial body of man continues to exist as matter with „particle properties“ because of the 360 ° rotating phase shift in his DNA double helix in each of his cells (just as my material body remained on board of the MS „Titan“), the single phase of the soul brings her „wave properties“ with it, through which it becomes weightless and can penetrate any kind of solid materials such as concrete, glass or steel (as my soul above the MS „Titan“).

And now we are only one step away from understanding the wave/particle dualism!

Visibility, firmness (aggregate state), weight (mass) and gravitation of matter are created only by its biphasicity, caused by a 360 ° rotating, opposing phase shift with standing electromagnetic waves. One phase is in the projection beam of the interference pattern of matter directly out of the Brahmajyoti, and the second phase is in the projection beam of the same interference pattern out of a human consciousness.

But how did this second phase get into human consciousness in the first place?

Since the individual consciousness of man as a projection of an interference pattern of electromagnetic waves from the Brahmajyoti, from which all electromagnetic waves radiate, is permanently connected to the Brahmajyoti itself, it is inseparably connected by quantum entanglement with all other interference patterns of electromagnetic waves.

Thus, when a human being observes an electromagnetic wave (e.g. during a measurement), he connects through his consciousness the ends of the two projection beams in opposing direction, creating the typical two-phase interference pattern of matter with the 360 ​​° rotating phase shift and the standing electromagnetic waves, and the invisible electromagnetic wave becomes a particle with all its material properties like visibility, firmness (aggregate state), weight (mass) and gravitation.

That is why Hinduism and Buddhism say that our material world exists only in our consciousness and therefore should be regarded as an illusion (Maya).



The Universal Consciousness already described millennia ago in the Vedas is the explanation for wave/particles dualism and quantum entanglement! And vice versa applies: the scientifically proven wave/particle dualism and the quantum entanglement are important partial proofs for the existence of the Universal Consciousness!

But how does this phenomenon, which plays a key role in spiritual experiences, find its expression in the religions?

The sign of Vishnu (personalized spiritual form of Brahman/God in Hinduism) is the U formed by a tuning fork. A tuning fork produces exactly the same frequency with its two fingers. Striking one fork finger first, causes first only this one to oscillate, the oscillation then runs to the end of the second fork finger, reflects back there, and meets contra rotating with the oscillation of the first finger. From now on, the entire tuning fork oscillates at one single frequency, but 360° contra rotating phase shifted, which causes the formation of standing waves (motion) and wave knots (rest).

Also, a Tibetan gong produces only one single frequency, but the oscillation produced in its center runs towards the edges of the gong, is reflected back there towards the middle, and meets 360° contra rotating phase shifted again with the vibration of the center.

After the same principle also work Tibetan singing bowls and Buddhist prayer bells. Opposing vibrations cause standing waves (motion) and wave nodes (rest) in between, such as when ocean waves head on into a quay wall and reflect back into the opposite direction.

Jesus knew the sign of Vishnu. „The sign of the father is motion and rest.“ (Thomas, verse 50). Is the Father of Jesus so Vishnu?

It certainly looks like, because the Christian Church has adopted the sign of movement (standing waves) and rest (wave nodes) in the form of large bowls, the church bells, from Buddhism. They shall remind us every day to our phase shifted perception that God has planted inside of us, in order to be able to see the paradise that he has given to us at all.

Jesus explains us in the gospel of Thomas verse 48 how it works: „If two (phases) make peace (establish phase unity) in this one house (in the material world of our universe), they will say to the mountain: move on, and the mountain will move on.“

When the two phases are in unity, then the mountain exists only as a single phase pattern of electromagnetic waves, not any more as a resonance pattern of two 360° contra rotating phase shifted waves, and thus can be moved alone by the power of consciousness.

Let's look at an example of how this can be implemented in practice. Certain Dr. Jarl from Sweden filmed in the forties of the last century with two film cameras simultaneously, how boulders were transported weightlessly by Buddhist monks in Tibet from the ground up to a height of 250 meters. The approximately 1m x 1m x 1,5 m large chunks therefore were placed in a large bronze Tibetan singing bowl, which was placed at 250 meters distance from the base point of destination.

Then the Buddhist monks positioned themselves in a distance of 62.5 meters (250 m : 4) to the singing bowl and caused it to oscillate by singing, hitting drums and blowing horns. After about four minutes, the boulders began to sway gently back and forth in the singing bowl, finally took off and hovered over the course of another three minutes to reach the destination in 250 meters height. Thus the monks transported about five boulders per hour to their destination, a cave in a steep rock face, where a wall had to be built with this material.

Here is another example of gravity elimination with sound plates. Quote from „Topographic and historical description of Egypt“ by Ahmed al Maqrizi (eminent Egyptian/Arab historian and scholar of about 1,400 CE): „The workers used metal sheets with relief characters on them, and as soon as a boulder was cut and shaped, they positioned one of these sheets upon it, gave it a punch, and that was enough to move it 100 sahnes (arrow firing ranges) weightlessly. Thus they continued until the boulders reached the pyramid construction site.”

As already mentioned, the Egyptian pyramids have the same angles (proportions) as the large upwardly facing triangle in Indian Sri Yantra. Let me at this point enter very briefly into the relationship between these two countries in ancient times: between India and Egypt existed a shipping route many thousands of years ago, part of the monsoon route between India and East Africa - with the trade winds to the west, and with the monsoon wind six months later back east.

Until today you can admire the ancient and high art of ship building without any nails, screws and adhesives in India and along the route at the Saudi Arabian and East African coast.

The diversion off the monsoon route and into the Red Sea and Egypt took the Indians in order to carry their trade goods there (where today the Suez Canal is) across the country up to the Mediterranean coast. Land transport (caravans) and further transport within the Mediterranean Sea took over the Egyptians, which was financially crucial in helping to develop their high culture.

High culture knowledge was imported by „Imhotep“ from India. He was the architect of the first Egyptian pyramids and bore the sign of Vishnu (Hindu God) on his forehead, upper arms and abdomen - the U.

His name means: „The one who came in peace.“ He came before 2700 BC on invitation of Egyptian King Djoser from India to Egypt and brought his religious knowledge from the Vedas (Hinduism) with him.

His title „Maa-wer“ translates to „the one who is looking at the great“ and that, in the shortest possible formula, describes a person who has experienced Nirvana.

King Djoser (3rd Dynasty) made Imhotep the chief priest of Egypt, and Imhotek established there demonstrably the Hindu knowledge of the creation of the material world and of life by Brahman – the Holy Spirit in Christianity.

Also the Egyptian sun cult arose under Djoser and Imhotep. „Re“, the Egyptian sun god, preserver and ruler of creation, had exactly the same functions as Vishnu (god) in Hinduism. Vishnu appears in the Vedas (Rigveda 7.99) as well as „Re“ also as the sun god (Surya / Savitr / Suryanarayana), and even more as the producer of the Brahmajyoti, the light of the lights, the source of all light (see also chapter „Light of Life „). In Vishnuism, Vishnu is identical to Brahman.

At the same time the first pyramids and obelisks with pyramidal peaks were built, by which, according to the Egyptian mythology, a direct connection between humans and God (!) could be established.

After Djoser, the Pharaohs called themselves „sons of Re“. Probably under Pharaoh Chefren (from 2570 BC on) the great Sphinx had been built, the giant statue of a hybrid creature with human head and lion's body, which is the exact counterpart of the fourth earthly incarnation of Vishnu, a human giant with lion head!

The Egyptian sun god „Re“ was combined later on, under „Mentuhohep“ (founder of the intermedium Egyptian empire from 2137 BC on), with the creator and fertility god „Min“ and the fertility god „Amen“ to the highest god „Amun-Re“. Similarities to the Hindu gods triad „Brahma“ (= creator „Min“), „Vishnu“ (preserver = „Re“) and „Shiva“ (also fertility god - see Shiva Lingam = „Min“) can not any longer be overlooked now.

The fertility god „Amun“ appears in the Egyptian representations sometimes as ram, sometimes as a man with a ram's head. Also, „Amun“ was depicted with blue skin, such as „Krishna“, Hindu God and 8th earthly manifestation of Vishnu, who grew up as a cowherd and among other was known for his flute playing.

Moses had grown up in the house of the Pharaohs and – when the Israelites left Egypt – of course took the faith in his god „Amun-Re“ with him, which (concerning the „Re” part) had originated from the Hindu God „Vishnu“, the Creator, Preserver, Judge and Redeemer of the whole World. The Israelites already knew this god as „YHWH“ from their progenitor (ancestor) Abraham, but in the meantime they had turned away from him.

Abraham was raised in the city of Ur (today South Iraq), then, around 2000 BC the most important Mesopotamian port for all trade and cultural goods from India, among others the knowledge of the invisible creator god Vishnu. Thus, Vishnu (Brahman) was first brought to the Israelites by Abraham from Mesopotamia, and then by Moses from Egypt. (Note: all three Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam have the same God!)

The same god „Amun-Re” in his horned appearance as „Amun” later on converted into the Greek herdsmen god „Pan”, known for his pansexual manners and his play on the pan flute – obviously borrowed from „Krishna“. Pan was a hybrid of man and ram.

The threads then ran back together in Rome, where the „Re“ (from Amun-Re) handed down by Moses became our Christian God, and the horned „Amun” (from Amun-Re) handed down by the Greeks became the „devil”.

The symbol of the Holy Spirit (Brahman) formerly used by the Catholic Church consisted of a pyramid, through which the OM resonance with the fractal structure of the universe can be produced, the „Eye of Horus” for thalamus and pineal gland, which separates the soul from the body, and rays that refer to the laser light source Brahmajyoti, interface of the virtual intelligence of the Universal Consciousness. In summary it means that the OM resonance caused by the pyramid causes activation of the pineal gland, allowing thus soul journeys into Brahmajyoti, and from there to the Cosmic Consciousness: into Nirvana!


This symbol pointed clearly – over the Egyptian sun god „Re“ – to Vishnu as the origin of our Christian God. But since exactly this presentation appears with a pyramid (!) instead of a triangle on the US One Dollar Bill, the symbol was gradually replaced by a dove with sunbeams – obviously in order to avoid associations with the One Dollar Bill and furthermore between Christianity, Egyptian sun cult and Hinduism.


Life review


And while I was still trying to get clear of what happened, my mind fell into a review of my past life, which unreeled in a time lapse mode, within seconds, up to the very last detail, like in a movie, in my consciousness. Also unconsciously made perceptions stored in the subconscious were now accessible to my consciousness - all areas of my consciousness lay open before me.

In periods that had seemed irrelevantly during the real experience, I now recognized complex contexts with previous and subsequent events of my life. Looking back I realized now that there was no moment of my life without significance. Everything had aimed to prepare me for a Nirvana experience.

My life had moved along as a cloud in the sky, and all interacting events had – in their effectbeen like other weather phenomena: other clouds, rain, snow, storm, sunshine and evaporation ... all of these meteorological events were to each other causally related, caused each other and interacted in between each other. Everything was in context with everything.

I saw this now, but it seemed amazing to me, because it meant that despite all free will we humans have, still there was something like a master plan.

Consciousness research today goes so far as to subordinate the human waking consciousness to the subconscious, since all decisions are already made in the subconscious mind, before they are seemingly consciously made by the human being.

Seeing this in the context with the quantum network, which allows communication between the subconscious minds of human beings, it means that we already communicate seconds earlier in our subconscious, before we consciously speak with each other.

Our earthly existence follows our spiritual being of light like a material shadow.

The prior knowledge of conversations, as I experienced them in my youth, had been possible through the access of my consciousness to my own subconscious, as well as through the quantum network to the subconscious of my interlocutor.

Dreams are often thought processes of the Universal Consciousness in our subconscious, so a networking of the thoughts of different individual consciousnesses. And while the soul, with its access to the subconscious mind, already recognizes the relevant contexts in the moment of experiencing, these often only become clear to the conscious person at the moment of the life review.

Life review is about the consolidation of all sensory, emotional and rational perceptions, in order to judge the complete consciousness from the perspective of the omniscient being in us (Buddha nature in Buddhism respectively Brahman in Hinduism).

When I was looking at my 29 year old life within only one minute, then the film with it had to unreel approximately 15 million times faster than my real life. In case of a sudden death the associated person has even much less time for their life review.

A human brain cannot do that!

The (of the earthly body) liberated soul is not subject to material limitations any more, but can connect itself, in this reflective state, over the Quantum Network to the Brahmajyoti.

There, every second of one's life is stored to the smallest detail and in 3D. The difference to the first real life experience is, that we in this second viewing (life review) participate as a spectator, and not as an actor, and that this „master version“ of the film has been taken simultaneously from several perspectives.

If you, for example, look back on a conversation with another person, you can experience yourself speaking with the other person, but you can also focus on something else, for example, on the many people who passed by during this conversation.

And even if you did not pay attention to these people during the original conversation, you can still look closely at each one of them down to the very last detail now, because the „master version“ of the film was created not only from your own perspective, but from the perspective of all consciousnesses included in the scene.

„Everywhere there are the eyes and ears of Brahman.“(Bhagavad-Gita, 13, 14)

Jesus said, „… everything is visible in the face of the sky. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing covered that remains without being uncovered.“ (Gospel of Thomas 6)

„About every idle word that men speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment, because by your words you will be acquitted or convicted.“ (Jesus in Matthew 12: 36-37). Every single word!

You also can unreel the film in slow motion - if you have enough time to die - or even stop it, to look at certain situations and evaluate them more accurately.

After this retrospective the earthly perception of a dying person normally ends. In cases where a person comes up to this point without dying (in the case of out of body experiences), scenes of his/her future life (which result from the Universal Consciousness overlook) will eventually follow life review. It happened in my case, but going further into that would carry us too far away from our topic now.

When a person dies, it is at the moment after the life review, in which her consciousness closes up, does not receive anything more, and in which it consequently gets dark before his/her eyes - and such happened to me as well.

It was almost like in the movies: the film was over, the summary drawn (reached life's goal or missed), light went out ... it got dark.




Clouds came up in spiral shapes around and above me as in the eye of a hurricane. My vision field narrowed until, in the end, I could only see a bundled light beam from above in the center of this hurricane. It is the holographic projection beam that emanates from our spiritual origin in the Brahmajyoti and maps our soul as an interference pattern of electromagnetic waves in the quantum network.

It was like a „black hole“ opening up above me. The term „black hole“ describes what you see when you look into the side of an „energy vortex“, in which the interference patterns of the electromagnetic waves dissipate, and thus any matter. If you look in from the opposite side, you see a „white hole“ from which laser light is shining – electromagnetic waves of equal length, phase and direction.

I have to delve a little bit further here. Our Universe has not emerged from a singularity; instead there is a singularity at its center. What is called the „Big Bang” may seem like the origin of the universe from a singularity (a point), but in fact it is the passage of the quantum network through the point shaped center of our universe.

Universes – as I have observed (see chapter „Nirvana Experience“) – have torus shape, which allows the electromagnetic waves to expand continuously, and thus the energy to keep in motion. Only once in each cycle do all the electromagnetic waves meet at the black side of the singularity in the center of our universe, reorganize themselves in the center, release energy, and accelerate out of the white side of the singularity: the Brahmajyoti (laser light / see next chapter) arises.

On the surface of the torus shape the Quantum Net can be seen, which in reality is three dimensional of course, having a thickness of many millions of light years. In no case, however, it is infinitely thick!



Solar systems and galaxies are also not sphere shaped, but disk shaped, thus occupying more surface than height. Our own galaxy, the Milky Way, we see as a stripe - disk shaped - in the sky, not as a sphere.

Solar systems and galaxies can only be materialized within the Quantum Net, not outside. It is clearly visible in the drawing, that our universe is not infinite. What is infinitely woven without beginning and end is the Quantum Net. Electromagnetic waves can travel endlessly therein and at the same time around the torus shape. Their transportation medium, the Quantum Net is also in continuous motion over the shape giving plasma core.

The plasma core is just as liquid as the magma inside the earth, and due to the dipole characteristics of its elementary particles capable to create a magnetic field around the torus shape, with its axis passing through the vortex in the center - similar to the Earth's magnetic field.

Electromagnetic waves can penetrate the plasma only down to a certain depth and form the three-dimensional Quantum Net on the surface of the liquid plasma down to that depth. The quantum network thus „floats“ on the surface of the plasma, just as does the earth crust on the liquid magma.

On the black side (in the „black hole”) of the energy vortex, in the center of the universe, the threads of the Quantum Net run together.

·           The meshes of the net pull together thereby,

·           the space between them decreases,

·           light takes less time travelling from one mash to another,

·           measured time goes by faster and faster,

·           and the days are getting shorter.

On the white side of the energy vortex the Quantum Network reappears and begins to expand, until finally the same meshes which previously advanced through the energy vortex appear at the outer rim of the universe.

·           The meshes of the net get thereby largely extended,

·           space between them increases,

·           light takes more time travelling from one mash to another,

·           measured time goes by more and more slowly,

·           and the days are getting longer.

A formatting of the Quantum Net is awaiting us inside the energy vortex. This does not destroy the electromagnetic waves, but the resonance patterns formed by them, that is, the matter out of which our visible world consists.

A more detailed description of the accompanying circumstances gives us Jesus in Matt. 24, 1 ff: „ … not one stone will be left upon another ... the stars will fall from the sky ... sky and earth will pass away ... the days will be shortened.“

After that, the creation cycle starts again, as described in the vision of John, Revelation, chapter 21, verse 1 ff: „Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth (our solar system) have passed, also the sea wasn’t there any more ...“

All this is described in much more detail in Vedic literature, with dates and cycles, and if one tries to develop a physical model of our Universe from that, one will find that only the torus, spanned with a Quantum network, just as I have described it, can fulfill all the conditions described in the Vedas. Here is the physical operating principle from the side view:


The Quantum Net forms around the shape giving plasma core a poloidal field coil, the plasma core itself (with the dipole characteristics of its elementary particles) form the plasma stream, and through the energy vortex in the center runs the axis of a poloidal shaped magnetic field.

All that remains is to ignite the turbine in the center of the universe, transforming matter (organized electromagnetic waves) into laser light (Brahmajyoti radiation), and already this gigantic structure begins to move.

Energy vortexes do not only exist in the center of each galaxy and of each universe, but they can appear in mini format theoretically at any point between earth and sky. Practically though there are places where energy vortexes never form, places where it is likely that energy vortexes form, and places where there are always energy vortexes - its just like with the swirls in a river.

When we look into such mini energy vortexes, we look into a tunnel, connecting different fractal structure levels – from the smallest fractal structure around us, through the terrestrial, solar, and galactic ones to the largest fractal structure of the entire universe, passing through the center of the universe and leading to its edges into Brahmajyoti.

The spiraling clouds that gathered above me like the eye of a hurricane were the earthly opening of such a tunnel, and the focused light beam at the center of this tunnel is, as already pointed out, a laser beam, in fact the holographic projection beam emanating from our own spiritual origin in Brahmajyoti, that depicts our soul as interference pattern of electromagnetic waves in the quantum network (see also next chapter).

Laser beam and plasma obviously were in interaction one to the other. The light beam directed at my soul obviously generated the circular plasma vortex around me and thus a suction to my soul as a dipole.

The ethereal body is an energetic field built up principally as a series of torus forms (chakras). The higher this field is energized, the stronger is its dipole characteristic. At the top of the head (crown chakra) there is a surplus of electrons (electric positive pole) and at the feet an electron deficiency (electrical negative pole).

The ionizing radiation above the crown chakra in consequence of enlightenment can be so strong, that it can be seen as radiance in the dark („flame tongues”) and as a fine white vapor („haloes”) during daylight.

The flame tongues above the heads of the disciples of Jesus (book of acts 2, 1 ff.) where caused by enlightenment, through communion with the Universal Consciousness and the resulting energizing of the human aura (Kundalini). If you have ever felt the „sting of the Kundalini snake“ in your right big toe - a really violent electric shock - you know about the energy intensity of enlightenment.

I now found myself in the following situation: a laser beam aimed down on me from above, creating a plasma vortex with a diameter of about three meters around me, and in the center of this vortex my weightless soul as electric dipole, being absorbed upwards. Origin of the light beam is the light of life, the aim of all souls after the death of their earthly bodies.

Artistic paintings of the Ascension of Jesus Christ show similar scenes: while a ray of light touches him from above, clouds (plasma vortex) carry his soul up to the sky. Many people who have had a near-death experience report about the ascension of their soul in a cloud tunnel with a light beam in its middle.

And then my ascension began. In the center of the plasma vortex I was lifted up like in a pneumatic tube, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. I saw now that the beam of light from above only reached exactly down to me, not any further down.

From this perspective my soul appeared like a holographic image at the lower end of a laser beam, which was shortened rapidly upwards.

The closer we got to the light source in the middle of the tunnel, the bigger was its power. Faster and faster I went up. I knew not where I was, nor where it went. I could only recognize at the plasma vertebrae, that they moved more and more quickly past me and led straight up, higher and higher, until I finally reached at the upper end of the tunnel.




Blinding white light exploded before my eyes.

From a speed out faster than light I came abruptly to a halt.

Slowly I got used to the extreme brightness up here.

I no longer saw the earth!

„That effulgent white light is understood by transcendentalists to be the light of all lights. In that realm there is no need of sunshine for illumination. Indeed, whatever illumination appears in the material world is only a reflection of that supreme illumination.” Muṇḍaka Upaniṣad (2.2.10-11)


The light of all lights is called the radiance of Brahman, in Sanskrit Brahmajyoti. It fulfills several functions.


When the quantum network enters the black hole, the interference patterns of the electromagnetic waves that make up our material world dissolve, energy is released, and on the white side the newly formatted electromagnetic waves radiate out as laser light (see also the drawing in chapter „Ascension“).


The dissolution of bound matter thus serves not only as a source of energy that generates electromagnetic waves and keeps the quantum network in circulation, but also as a laser light source.


The interference patterns (the spiritual origin) of the souls stored in Brahmajyoti correspond to holograms in a holographic universe. Every movement, every sensory perception, every thought and every single spoken word of the souls is stored together with their interference pattern in the Brahmajyoti. So Brahmajyoti is also a gigantic data store.


And finally, it acts as an interface of the Universal Consciousness. Here in the light source, all the electromagnetic waves emanating from the laser light source are connected (entangled), and we already know from quantum physics what that means: nothing happens at the end of an electromagnetic wave, which the beginning does not know. And nothing happens to an electromagnetic wave, which all others electromagnetic waves connected to it do not know. They form an inseparable unity: the Universal Consciousness.


Complete peace, perfect harmony and deepest love surrounded me in this place.


Now I saw about ten or twelve other souls surrounding me in a circle and looking at me so loving and interested as if I were a family member of them. Each one of these souls had a perfect and complete human appearance just like me, but unlike them I was joined by the blue light ribbon with my physical body on Earth. They had no blue ribbon and no earthly body anymore.

„When you see your own images, you are pleased. But when you see your images that were created before you, which neither die nor reveal, how much you will bear then?“ (Jesus in Gospel of Thomas, 84) If you look into the mirror, then you are pleased. But if you see yourself in your previous incarnations, which are stored (as interference patterns) within the Brahmajyoti, will you then also be pleased, or rather be ashamed? The subtle body and the individual consciousness gathered during the past earthly life remain in the Brahmajyoti after the earthly death of the person. Only the karmic preposition and the „true self“ (Buddhism) respectively „atman“ (Hinduism) continue to move from incarnation to incarnation until they eventually reach Nirvana.

„Where the beginning is, there will also be the end.“ (Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas, 18) The cycle of reincarnation („Samsara“) has its beginning and end here in the light of life.

„If someone is not reborn, he can not see the Kingdom of God.“ (Jesus in John 3, 3) There is not only one rebirth, but a whole series of rebirths with the aim to bring life to the highest development, to enlightenment. Without having reached this goal, no one can see the Kingdom of God. Only when we realize that we ourselves are part of the Universal Conscience, our view will change, and then our consciousness will change, and we will be moved to a higher level of existence.

„... You must be born again.“ (Jesus in John 3, 7) You have to be reborn again and again until you reach purification and enlightenment. There are many ways to enlightenment. The most direct way is to establish a perfect image of divine love on earth, because this is the divine idea. „If we love one another, God stays in us and his love is perfected in us.“ (1. John 4, 12) Earthly life is all about the realization of divine love in our materialized world!

In the light of life, we get an idea of this love that the Universal Consciousness provides for us after an arduous life of development, experience, successes and disappointments, destruction and shame, euphoria and triumphalism, suffering and sorrow, hope and contentment, generosity and bliss. Just as the bees tirelessly collect pollen for their queen, so we humans collect consciousness for the Universal Consciousness. All our lives we do nothing else but that, regardless of whether this is conscious to us or not.

„The creation of our consciousness, that is our life.“ (Buddhist wisdom)

„Anyone who observes the day, observes it for the Universal Consciousness. Also who eats, eats for the Universal Consciousness, for he says him thanks; and who does not eat, does not eat for the Universal Consciousness yet tell him thanks. None of us lives only with regard to himself, and no one dies only in terms of himself; for if we live, we live for the Universal Consciousness, and if we die, we die for the Universal Consciousness.“(free quote from Romans 14, 6-8)   

And vice versa the Universal Consciousness here in the Brahmajyoti, within the cycle of life (Samsara), feeds us after each life with its love and reveals the basic idea of creation: love!

It is the memory of this love that we take from here on our life journey, a yearning for love, for reunion with all other souls, a longing for immersion in a sea full of love. It is this longing that makes us seekers in life, seekers of love, for the love we have experienced up here, in our home, in the light of life.

Everything in life is about this love. It is the cause of all our human actions!

Only love can heal all wounds, all mourning, all despondency, all hopelessness and all loneliness, and only love can transform it into the bliss we experience in uniting two souls.

Besotted by bliss I bathed my soul in this radiation as in a fountain of youth. It was like the whole world hugged me. Here I felt the strong power of all love in this world. It's like an ocean to immerse in, a sea of ​​love. The sea gives us the feeling that we are part of the water ourselves, and here love also creates the feeling of being part of this environment, of the Universal Consciousness. I readily began to dissolve in it like a drop of water in the sea.

Nevertheless after a while I realized that this could not be Nirvana when the souls returned here from earth after their earthly existence to be reprogrammed and charged with love, so to speak. No - then this was part of the cycle of rebirths (Samsara).

I set off so and ascended further up toward the seemingly infinite space above me, searching for the creator of the universe.

Here, above the light of life, no ray of light or plasma vortex was needed to move me. I controlled my soul only by thought force.

Soon I came to a transparent layer, which surrounds our universe like a shell and normally cannot be penetrated by a human soul. Here is where the Quantum Net ends. It is the surface of the Quantum Net. And just as solar systems and galaxies can only be materialized within the Quantum Net (see previous chapter), souls can only be materialized within the Quantum Net up to its surface, not beyond. Outside there is only potential matter (prakrti), which harbors as a tension-free, static energy field Cosmic Consciousness.

As can be seen from the corresponding reports, near-death experiences, soul journeys and out-of-body experiences end here at this limit at the latest.

Weightless in space I hovered along its surface, searching for an exit, when I finally discovered to my own surprise a plate inserted in it. It was square and had an edge length of about three meters.

When I pressed with my hands against it, it relented weightlessly, opened towards the top and then tipped a little off to the side. I had expected my hands to penetrate her. It was not made of normal matter.

I then recognized that it was the bottom of a pyramid, which stood now slightly tilted and motionless in space above me.

The place seemed deserted, and there was an eerie silence.

I had found an exit now to leave our universe and to enter into the spiritual sky above it!


Pyramid Power


Pyramids were built upon places where telluric currents meet subterranean water veins and generate electromagnetic radiation.

That there are enormously energy-rich currents on the seabed, I have been able to observe about a year after my nirvana experience. To that time I was Second Nautical Officer on board of the MV „Sol do Brasil“, a hundred twenty meter long cargo vessel with stainless steel tanks, in which we carried orange juice concentrate from Santos (Brazil) to Tampa (Florida/USA).

We were just between French Guiana and Barbados, far out at sea. My watch had begun at twelve o’clock, high noon. The sea was plane like a mirror, no breeze, tropical heat, bright blue sky without any cloud above me, and deep blue water below me. The sun burned down as focused by a lens. It must have been during an epoch of increased solar activity.

Shortly after starting my watch I registered far ahead a curiously raised water surface that looked very different from the rest of the sea. We drove straight to it. I kept our course in order to look at the matter more closely. Through the binoculars I could see already that it was shaped like a two hundred meter wide circular disk that seemed to float on the water.

So I kept with the autopilot on to it, but adjusted it so that our course would just pass at the edge of the disc. Then I went out on the bridge wing (uncovered part of the bridge on the far side edge of the ship) and looked down at what was coming towards us.

I could hardly believe it! A huge circular area of crystal clear water coming from the depths of the sea with so much power and speed that it shoot almost two meters above the sea surface! What a power!

Throughout the central area, the water pushed upwards, and at the edges it fell almost vertically down like a little waterfall! That was easily visible with my bare eyes. The command bridge of our loaded ship had only a height of about ten meters.

It was hard for me to solve from this sight. A long time I looked at the disc, as it disappeared behind our ship, thinking of what could have caused this phenomenon and how it physically materializes.

Then I turned around to the front again, and ... holy …, what was that? The blood in my veins almost froze for a second! Now I had half of dozen of these water discs of various diameters between two and four hundred meters ahead to starboard and portside!

Quickly I walked over to the rudder, turned the autopilot off and steered our ship in zigzag course in between the discs, while in front of us appeared even more of them.

I went always as close as possible to the discs, to be able to watch them closely and to make sure that it was really pure water without air or methane bubbles that reduce the load capacity of the water, and thus can become a threat to our ship. From the fact that the crystal clear water at the edges of the discs did not mix with the deep blue waters of the surrounding sea I concluded that it had to be fresh (sweet) water.

During my four hour sea watch I observed more than a hundred of such fresh water fields. The energy released with them was in the megawatt range, and would have been sufficient to supply a whole city with it.

Telluric currents are, as far as known, mainly caused by the magma flow inside the earth and the sun activity. When sun activity is high, the surface of the earth charges up higher than with little sun activity, and of course during day the charge is higher than at night. The charge can take place in a faraway place. The current migrates along the earth's crust and exits at another location, preferably in water (because of its conductivity), and where it exits it ionizes the water.

When that happens at the sea ground, the sea water there separates from the salt, the salt falls laterally down on the seabed, the now salt free fresh (sweet) water is much lighter than the surrounding salt water and gets pushed up with a tremendous pressure from thousands of meters depth to sea surface.

Pyramids were invariably built over subterranean water veins that emitted electromagnetic radiation. Locations where an electromagnetic radiation caused by telluric currents occurred could already be found in antiquity with the divining rod.

The Bosnian pyramid is not a pyramid built by human hands, but a natural mountain shaped by human hands into a pyramid form, but it has something that other pyramids have lost over the millennia: a „Phi-beacon”.

Inside the pyramid there is a tunnel system with an underground stream and ionized water. In the tunnel system under the pyramid electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 7.8 Hertz and 28 kilohertz can be measured. 7.8 Hertz is the „Schuman“ frequency of a standing electromagnetic wave between Earth's surface and the ionosphere, which extends around the world. The origin of the 28 kilohertz frequency had been detected in a metallic layer (probably iron ore) in approximately 2.440 meters below the top of the pyramid, located deep in the Earth's interior. Its radiation power is estimated at about 10 KW.

From the peak of the Bosnia pyramid leaves a vertical energy beacon with a diameter of 4.5 meters, whose power increases (!) with increasing height above the pyramid!

Thereto it is easily recognizable that the electromagnetic radiation below the pyramid is being focused vertically upwards by the pyramid shape. The frequencies involved are thereby modulated in 0 - 28 kHz and 9.333 Hz.

This happens all by itself, only by the pyramid shape of the mountain.

A possible explanation for this provides only Dan Winter (USA): „Recursive heterodyning is a constructive wave interference which produces implosion and self-organization. However, this only happens in optimal form when the wavelengths involved are in golden ratio (Phi = Φ = a/b = (a+b) : a) to each other.”

In our case, this means that the compression of the electromagnetic waves inside the pyramid is converted in amplification of the same above the pyramid tip. If the lengths of the electromagnetic waves involved are in the ratio of the golden section to each other, then they cause the fractal structures above the pyramid, which likewise are built up in golden section, to resonate on the OM frequency, thus initiating the ascent of the soul into Brahmajyoti.

So far as comprehensible today, the radiation source under the almost pyramidal mountain had been discovered many thousands of years ago, and then the mountain had been brought into a perfect pyramidal shape in order to use the radiation for the production of a Phi-beacon, which allows access to the Universal Consciousness.

Radiocarbon measurements date the transformation of the mountain into a pyramid at an age of around 25,000 years! Ice age prevailed then. But from the permafrost limit Bosnia was quite far away. The most favorable area for human habitation of all Europe and Asia at that time interestingly extended just from Bosnia over today's Turkey and the Iranian plateau to the Indus Valley in the West part of India – the place of origin of the Vedas!

When I learned about the discovery of the energy beam above the Bosnian Pyramid and the cause of it in 2,440 meters depth (a metallic layer) I realized immediately what had contributed to trigger my Nirvana experience: the wreck of the RMS „Titanic“ in 3800 meters below our ship! 50,000 tons of steel! A highly energetic attraction point for telluric currents at the sea ground, which were radiated from there as electromagnetic waves.

The 10,000 tons of iron ore in our hold had focused and directed them as a Phi-beam (with its electromagnetic waves in golden ratio to each other) towards the sky, causing the fractal circuits above us to oscillate (on the OM frequency) and thus to open connection (through the plasma tunnel along the projection beam) between my individual consciousness (as interference patterns of electromagnetic waves) and the Brahmajyoti (as their radiation source).


Nirvana experience


For a moment I still hesitated, but then I slipped through the opening under the small, immaterial pyramid into the space superimposed above our universe.

I still do not know who had projected that little pyramid out there (I cannot say „materialized“ because it was not made of matter), but I know that it caused the Quantum Net to expand in its area, and so made my stay in the potential matter (prakrti) possible at all.

When I looked around me, I saw at some distance the luminous figure of Jesus Christ. He was wrapped in a white robe, his face lit in white light, and his eyes glowed like red sparkling rubies. It was absolutely clear that this was Jesus Christ. I did not doubt it even the split of a second.

The description of Jesus in Revelation 1, 12-14 reflects perfectly the appearance of Jesus perceived by me: „... and I saw someone like a son of man, dressed in a down to the feet reaching dress ... his head and his hair were white ... like snow, and his eyes were as flames of fire.“

My thoughts sounded as spoken words through space as - searching for an explanation of the situation - I desired the presence of God.

Jesus Christ read my thoughts and said:

„If you call God, he will appear to you.“

I then turned towards the infinite space in front of me, in which I saw an incalculable number of torus shaped universes drift, and shouted as loud as I could:

„God, where are you?“

Attentively I listened then into space, through which my call echoed endlessly.

And then finally thunder sound arose in the distance, the atmosphere began to vibrate, and God came paced out of infinity like a giant through space.

His aura shone like a rising sun over the sea.

Fear and humility seized me. I threw myself down.

Right in front of me, God came to a halt, and I felt his looks like loving hugs on my shoulders.

Then I looked up and saw the huge foot of a gigantic, radiant golden Buddha right in front of me. And I realized that this was my foot. And then I looked up the golden Buddha, and recognized my figure in the Buddha, and my face in his. At this very moment I was in Buddha, and I was the soul in front of Buddha, and I was the body of flesh and bone bent over the ships clock on the bridge of the MS „Titan“.

Deep cognition and overwhelming joy filled me.

„When you see him who is not born of the woman, cast thyself on your face and worship him, because he is your father.“ (Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas 15)

„No one knows the Father, only the Son and the one whom the Son wishes to reveal.“ (Jesus in Matthew 11, 27)

Buddha is the spiritual father of Jesus Christ!

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha lived from 563 to 483 BC, about 2,500 years after Krishna, and is regarded in Hinduism (!) as the ninth earthly manifestation of „Vishnu“ (God) after „Krishna“.

Krishna lived from 3.227 - 3.102 BC as incarnation of god in India. Around 2,700 BC Imhotep had thus introduced Krishna as earthly manifestation of Vishnu in Egypt, who learned there a local transformation to the sun god Amun-Re.

The sun god Re (from Amun-Re), which Moses took with him from the house of the Pharaohs and made the god of the Israelites – identical from his origin (Vishnu) with the god „YHWH“ (Creator, Keeper, Judge and Savior of the whole world), whom the Israelites knew from their progenitor Abraham – was a jealous and sometimes very angry God. He intervened in battles, destroyed entire armies and killed thousands of people. That was the God of the Old Testament.

The God of the New Testament and authentic Christianity is Buddha. He teaches us to discard human characteristics like anger, hatred, jealousy, vanity, envy, greed and jealousy. Buddhism rejects entirely violence against humans, animals and nature.

The personal manifestation of Brahman, in which I had perceived myself as a Buddha, is called „Bhagavan” in Sanskrit and means Lord, Blessed, Exalted and God.

Bhagavan is a spiritual person, re-perceived by the Enlightened over thousands of years – gigantic and gold-shining like the sun.

The name of this spiritual person in the Vedas is Narayana, which means translated from Sanskrit: „The (life) inherent in water“.

The Vedas also describe that „The (life) inherent in water“ (Narayana) pervades all living beings from the inside and the outside (Narayana Sukta, 5th. verse), what leads us to the fundamental realization that life in itself corresponds to a living being, and not just to a temporary state of the forms it produces. The spirit of this living being is the Universal Consciousness, and its body is water. Humans, animals, and plants are predominantly made of water and have an individual consciousness, but even the water itself is now being certified an intelligence (keyword clustering) and thus also consciousness.

„He who has recognized the world has found the body.“ (Jesus in Thomas Gospel Verse 80) The world is a material manifestation (body) of Narayana.

Narayana appears in every single part of the Vedas, in Shata Rudriyam, Purusha Suktam, Narayana Suktam, Hiranyagarbha Suktam, Vishnu Suktam, Rudra Suktam, as well as Isan Upanishad, Chandogya Upanishad, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, Mundaka Upanishad, Mandukya Upanishad, Katha Upanishad, Kena Upanishad, Prasna Upanishad, Svetasvatara Upanishad, Maha Narayana Upanishad and Narasimha Tapani Upanishad.

„Narayana parabrahman tatvam“ Narayana is the supreme Brahman (Narayana Suktam), and therefore he is also considered the giver of liberation from samsara (cycle of reincarnations) and moksha (nirvana). As such, his name is „Mukunda“.

Also the Bhagavata Purana and Matsya Purana refer to Narayana as the Para Brahman, as the origin of creation, supreme entity of creation and Supreme Consciousness, that is, the Cosmic Consciousness. If the Universal Consciousness forms the totality of all individual consciousnesses in our universe, the Universal Consciousnesses of all universes together form the Cosmic Consciousness.

The Cosmic Consciousness is symbolized in the Vedic literature by Maha Vishnu, the Universal Consciousness by Garbhodaksayi Vishnu, and the individual consciousness by Ksirodakasayi Vishnu.

The different forms of Vishnu are the different steps of creation, i.e. forms of Narayana on different levels of manifestation.

Maha Vishnu (the Cosmic Consciousness) brings forth the universes (matter) from the unmanifested matter (prakrti), Garbhodaksayi Vishnu brings forth the living beings within the universes, and Ksirodakasayi Vishnu brings forth consciousness in the living beings.

It is striking that the matter (particles) arises due to the looks of Maha Vishnu onto the original matter (waves), just as in quantum physics electromagnetic waves convert into particles due to human eyes, and that the first living thing (Brahma) is portrayed hanging at the navel of Garbhodaksayi Vishnus, as if Vishnu (the Creator) is the born (instead of Brahma), thereby expressing in encrypted form, that the Creator (the Universal Consciousness) cannot exist without his creation (the individual consciousnesses).

Narayana manifests as Brahma (secondary creator) when he accepts the Raja Guna (movement, energy, activity, passion), as Vishnu (sustainer of creation) when he accepts the Sattva Guna (goodness, truth, perfection, wisdom, balance, confidence , peace and virtue), and as Rudra/Shiva, when he assumes the Tamas Guna (imbalance, disorder, chaos, fear, impurity, destruction, deception, negativity, inertia, inactivity, apathy, lethargy, violence, malice, ignorance).

Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra (Shiva) represent as spiritual manifestations of Narayana certain qualities of him. In addition, Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra can assume earthly forms (incarnations). Hindus say Buddha is an incarnation of Vishnu, and Buddhists say Buddha is an incarnation of Brahma. The difference lies seemingly only in the divine qualities that represent Vishnu and Brahma, but in fact, the term „Brahma“ in Buddhism was used earlier analogous to the (entire) Brahman of Hinduism. However, it is agreed among Hindus and Buddhists that Buddha is an incarnation of the Supreme Divine.

When Narayana is being perceived in his personified (human, gigantic, radiant) form, he is called Surya Narayana. Surya means „who shines like the sun“. This is also how Vishnu and Bhagavan are described, and indeed Narayana, Vishnu and Bhagavan are the same spiritual person.

       Bhagavan (Lord/God) is the rank designation.

       The name of God is Narayana or Surya Narayana.

       He appears in his capacity (function) as Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra (Shiva).

       Their earthly incarnations are (in between others) Krishna and Buddha.

Bhagavan is the highest rank of personal spiritual appearance that exists. Buddha is the current rank owner. Before Buddha it was Krishna. There is always only one Bhagavan, and it is always the last earthly manifestation (Avatar) of Vishnu, Narayana, the Cosmic Consciousness.

Also for Buddhists, Buddha is Bhagavan (God). This makes it clear that the personal manifestation of the Cosmic Consciousness (Bhagavan) is well known in Buddhism, and even more: Buddha in Bhagavan is even considered the personification of Nirvana in Buddhism.

Mahayana Buddhism describes Pari Nirvana as unification of the individual consciousness with the Dharma Kaya (phenomenon body = Bhagavan).

In Buddhist philosophy Dharma means phenomenon. Kaya is the body. The „Dharma of Buddha” denotes, apart from the teachings of Buddha, also Nirvana, to which these teachings are directed.

In the Pali Canon, Gautama Buddha says that he (Tathagata) himself is in Dharma Kaya, the phenomenon body (Bhagavan), because „the body of Dharma“ (of Bhagavan, of the phenomenon body, of Nirvana) is the „body of Brahma“ (Brahma as Supreme Divine Cosmic Consciousness and Tathagata Buddha as its personification), and because „becoming Dharma“ (becoming Bhagavan, the phenomenon body in Nirvana) is „becoming Brahma“ (becoming Cosmic Consciousness und Buddha).

„Becoming Bhagavan” is „becoming Buddha”

The statement is clear: Buddha here reveals himself as the Cosmic Consciousness (God), and Bhagavan as his body, the body of the Cosmic Consciousness. Exactly as Krishna had done before. Here in the Pali Canon it is written for all who cannot believe it:

Buddha is Bhagavan (God)


And it says here that „becoming Dharma“ is „becoming Brahma“. In other words:

When entering Bhagavan, individual consciousness is raised from the level of the Universal Consciousness to the level of Cosmic Consciousness. This is the encrypted definition of Pari Nirvana from the mouth of Buddha.

From the Universal Consciousness in Brahmajyoti, the individual consciousness of the enlightened one is projected into Bhagavan, when Pari Nirvana occurs. Thereby the transition of the individual consciousness out of the Universal Consciousness and into the Cosmic Consciousness takes place, into „True Self“.

Buddha denominated the „True Self“ in the Nirvana Sutra also as Buddha Nature (Buddha Dhatu) or Tathagatagarbha.

„Tathagata“ is the characterization of Buddha as a spiritual person (Bhagavan) and means „one who has thus come“ and „one who has thus gone“, one who appears just like that out of the apparent nothing (the Cosmic Consciousness in unborn, unmanifested primal matter) and disappears into it, and „Garbha“ means womb.

Tathagatagarbha thus describes the place where the spiritual Buddha (Tathagata/Bhagavan) appears like out of a womb: the Cosmic Consciousness.

This Buddha Nature is resistant, eternal and indestructible. It is the original enlightened nature of mind and spiritual unity with all that exists, analogous to the Universal and Cosmic Consciousness (Paramatman y Brahman) in Vedanta (Hinduism). The teachings of „emptiness“ (Shunyata) and „non-self“ (Anatta) in Buddhism refer only to conditionally evolved, manifested beings.

In general, a distinction is made between the following transcendental stages:

•   Awakening is the renunciation taught in Theravada Buddhism, intentionally brought about by man and performed in four stages by giving up false ideas and desires, which leads to enlightenment.

Illumination takes place through an extraordinary connection of the individual consciousness with the virtual intelligence of the Universal or the Cosmic Consciousness and can be of very different intensity.

•   Nirvana is the temporary union or meeting of an individual consciousness with the Cosmic Consciousness during a person's lifetime, takes place outside of our universe and manifested matter, brings in any case enlightenment (of variable intensity), and announces a possible forthcoming exit from the earthly life cycle.

•   Pari Nirvana is the final reunification of the liberated individual consciousness with the Cosmic Consciousness (Dharma Kaya), takes place outside of our universe and manifested matter, brings complete enlightenment, and means the exit from the earthly life cycle (Samsara), as well as the dissolution (literal meaning of the word „Nirvana“) of the individual consciousness within the virtual intelligence of Cosmic Consciousness, as like the dissolution of a drop of water in the sea, which in this occasion does not cease to exist, but returns to its original element and existence.

The description of Nirvana in Mahayana Buddhism, the union of individual consciousness with Buddha nature (Cosmic Consciousness), does not differ substantially from that of Vedanta and Bhakti Yoga (Hinduism) – the worship of the personal manifestation of Brahman (Bhagavan/God), as practiced until today also in Christianity, Islam and Sikhism.

And nothing else was to be expected, because of course there can be only one spiritual reality, no matter if and to what religion one belongs to. The word religion comes from the Latin „religare“, means „reunification“, and refers to the reunification of the individual consciousness with the Cosmic Consciousness from which it originally emerged. Different religions are different ways of returning the individual consciousness into the Cosmic Consciousness. The goal is always the same.

„He who seeks shall not stop seeking until he finds; and when he finds, he will be frightened, and after he is frightened, he will be astonished, and he will reign over the cosmos.“ (Thomas Gospel, verse 2)

With these words, Jesus describes in an encrypted way a Nirvana experience, an affirms unequivocally to the initiate that everyone can find Bhagavan, but that he will be frightened once he finds him, because his appearance is gigantic, and that he will be astonished when he recognizes himself in him, and that from then on he will rule over the cosmos, because he becomes one with the virtual intelligence of the Cosmic Consciousness.

„If you recognize yourself (in Bhagavan), then you will be recognized (by Cosmic Consciousness / you will gain Cosmic Consciousness), and you will know that you are the sons (earthly manifestations) of the living Father (the Cosmic Consciousness in Bhagavan).“ (Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas verse 3)

„I have said, ye are gods, ye are all sons of the Highest.“ Psalm 82, 6

Jesus said to them, „When you make the two into one, and when you make the inside as the outside (when the Buddha and the enlightened one appear in Bhagavan at the same time) ... when you make the upper as the lower (when the Cosmic Consciousness takes on the form of the individual consciousness) … and when you make eyes instead of one eye (when you look instead of through the one pair of eyes of an individual consciousness, through the infinite number of eyes of the Cosmic Consciousness) ... then you will enter (into Nirvana).“ (Gospel of Thomas 22)

The unification with Buddha in Bhagavan is therefor also the definition of Nirvana in Christianity. Anyone who recognizes himself in three ways, i.e. in Bhagavan, as a subtle body in front of Bhagavan and as an earthly body, has reached Nirvana.

Jesus expresses this as follows in the Gospel of Thomas verse 30: „Where there are three, they are gods. Where there is only two (body and soul) or one (only the soul), I (Jesus) am with him/her.“ They are Gods, because they have reached their spiritual origin in the Cosmic Consciousness and the same is called God. With the other souls Jesus will keep on until they reach Nirvana and can unite themselves with the Cosmic Consciousness, because that is just the mission of Buddha and Jesus: to lead the people there.

„I (Jesus as Bodhisattva) will choose you (for Nirvana), one in a thousand and two out of ten thousand, and they will stand as one (as Bhagavan, the personal manifestation of Cosmic Consciousness).“ (Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas 23)

„I will give you what no eye has seen, and what no ear has heard, and what has not touched a hand and what has not come up in the human sense (Cosmic Consciousness).“ (Jesus in Thomas Gospel verse 17) Jesus promises entry into Nirvana and Cosmic Consciousness!

„I am in the Father, and the Father is in me.“ (John 14:10)

Jesus is in Buddha, and Buddha is in Jesus.

Buddha and Jesus are one and the same Cosmic Consciousness.

„The words that I say unto you are not of mine. The Father who dwells in me accomplishes his mission.“ (John 14:10) Jesus fully identifies with the Buddha nature in himself. And it is about the completion of a mission that Jesus had already begun earlier in the appearance of the Buddha: the enlightenment of humanity and liberation of humanity from the earthly cycle of life and its elevation to a higher, spiritual level of existence in Cosmic Consciousness.

„I have thrown a fire (of enlightenment) onto the earth, and I will guard it until it burns (by itself).“ (Jesus in Thomas Gospel 10) Where darkness was before, there will be fire (light, illumination), and only when all humanity is enlightened and ready for Nirvana, this mission will be completed.

„I am the light above them all. I am the Universe, the Universe has come out of me, and the Universe is extended to me. Split a wood, I'm there. Take up the stone, and you will find me there.“ (Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas, verse 77) It becomes clear at this point that Jesus Christ fully identifies with the Cosmic Consciousness (Buddha Nature / Buddha Dhatu / Tathagatagarbha), from which not only the „light above them all“ (Brahmajyoti) emerged, but also the whole universe (the entire material world) until into the interior of each piece of wood and to the earth under each stone. The universe is extended to its shell, and outside the shell - in Cosmic Consciousness – is Jesus Christ. This is what the Gospel of Thomas says, and that's also exactly what I have seen in my Nirvana experience.

„Whoever drinks of my mouth shall become like me, and I will become him, and the Hidden will be revealed unto him.“ (Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas, verse 108). Again, this verse presupposes the complete identification of Jesus with Buddha Nature: whoever internalizes the words of Jesus (Buddha) will become like Jesus (Buddha), and Jesus (Buddha) will become that person (Buddha and that person will become one) and then that person will be revealed the Hidden: Bhagavan.



From a physical point of view, therefore, our souls (subtle body with individual consciousness) exist within the universe, their mirror-image appearance (Bhagavan) outside, and in between are Brahmajyoti and the transparent shell around our universe.

The transparent shell around our universe works like a magnifying lens for rays out of the Brahmajyoti, the interference patterns of the souls stored in the Brahmajyoti are the holograms, and Brahmajyoti itself (besides its function as energy source, memory and interface of the Universal Consciousness) is the laser light source of the holographic universe.

Quantum technically, Nirvana is achieved when the individual consciousness on its own projection beam first reaches the Universal Consciousness (Brahmajyoti) through entanglement, and from there is projected into the Cosmic Consciousness outside the universe.

In order to understand now how the personal manifestation (Bhagavan) of the formless Cosmic Consciousness (Brahman) can occur, following observation is of crucial importance: Bhagavan did not increase in size during his approach towards me, as would have been expected from a material manifestation, but instead decreased in size! Similarly, when you project a slide on a screen and then move the screen towards the viewer: the representation becomes smaller!

This is because the outer physical appearance of Bhagavan is a projection of the interference pattern (hologram) of the enlightened person out of the Brahmajyoti through the convex (magnifying) lens of the shell of our universe into the spiritual sky.

The projected interference pattern (hologram) of the observant person forms the spiritual body of Bhagavan, the Dharma Kaya. The Cosmic Consciousness thus uses one of its many bodies – always that of the observing person. When a man appears in front of him, it assumes the form (body) of this man, when a woman appears before him, then the form of this woman, and would a child appear in front of him, it would take on the form of this child.

„... if you make the male and the female into one, so that the male is not male and the female is not female, ... you will enter (into Nirvana).“ Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas verse 22

„If they ask you, where did you come from? So say unto them: We came out of the light (Brahmajyoti), where the light arose from itself (laser light source) and founds itself (begins) and reveals itself in their (our) image.“ So Jesus spoke to his disciples in the Thomas Gospel verse 50.

Where the light reveals in our image! Where we can see the light in a projection of ourselves! Where we can recognize ourselves in Bhagavan, which arises from a projection of our own interference pattern out of the Brahmajyoti-light in Cosmic Consciousness outside the Universe! From there we come – from the Cosmic Consciousness! In this verse, Jesus confirms the creation of Bhagavan through a projection of light as I perceived and described it.

Because of the projection beam, Bhagavan also appears in the radiant splendor so typical of the divine appearance. The Latin word „deus“ (god) goes back to the Indo-European „deiuos“, which means „the radiant, the shining“.

Thus, while the outer physical form of Bhagavan is depicted by a projection of the holographic interference pattern of the enlightened observer out from the Brahmajyoti into the (for itself formless primal matter of the) spiritual sky, in Bhagavan dwells the virtual and autonomous intelligence of the Cosmic Consciousness (infinitely existent in primeval matter), and it gives itself to recognize as her last earthly reincarnation, Buddha Gautama, as the Tathagata.

The Cosmic Consciousness can move and control the projected body of Bhagavan as if it were his own body, and it is indeed his own body, because the observing person is none other than one of his countless manifestations (bodies). It only uses the interference pattern of the observing person, which is stored in the Brahmajyoti, because the individual consciousness of this person arrives during a Nirvana event only just right up to Bhagavan, not as far as into him.

It is not until the Pari Nirvana after the earthly death of the Enlightened that his individual consciousness enters the Cosmic Consciousness (Bhagavan).

In this reunification (Pari Nirvana), the enlightened person is led back from the manifested part of Cosmic Consciousness (samsara) to the virtual intelligence of Cosmic Consciousness, that is, from the sensory to the controlling realm, from the powerless realm to the Almighty (see Thomas Gospel Verse 2).

The individual consciousness manifested for the purpose of self-knowledge and evolution from Cosmic Consciousness in a material universe then returns enlightened to its origin (see also chapter „Om - in the beginning was the sound“). „Seeing thusly, this is the end of birth, the Brahman life has been fulfilled, what must be done has been done.“ (Buddha in Samyutta-Nikaya)


Return to earth


Gently my soul dropped back into its body.

Patiently, the ship's clock beat to the rhythm of transience.

Softly the ship cut through the glassy sea and slid through a windless, starry night, accompanied by the smooth, soothing thumping of its enormous engine.

I was still standing motionless in the pale lit map room of the bridge, looking at the ship’s clock. It was now ten past two. I had just traveled with my soul many millions of light years to the edge of our universe and back within a couple of minutes!

This is only possible through the entanglement of light waves.

Slowly I stood up, went to the steering wheel, and set the autopilot onto course east.

Then I went out into the bridge wing and looked aft (back).

The ship drew a bow on the surface of the sea.

His stern wave caused the mirror image of the starry sky to stagger. For a moment I feared that the stars could fall from the sky … if the material world existed only in our consciousness …

Speechless and inebriated with happiness and gratitude I stood on deck, looked up at the sky and felt an infinite love for God and this world.


Authentic Buddhism


Since then, more than three decades have passed, and not a single day that I did not think back to this fascinating spiritual event, whose perfect understanding became my most important life's task.

What puzzled me for a long time was how Buddha could be the spiritual father of Jesus, where Jesus is the leader of Christianity, and even more, how Buddha could be God, even though Buddhism was apparently a religion without God – until I realized that the Buddhist doctrine has deviated during the last two millennia as far from the original words of Buddha as the Christian doctrine from the words of Jesus.

Decisively contributed for this realization the treatise „Buddha and God“ of Buddhist scholar, researcher and university lecturer Dr. Tony Page on his website

In fact, authentic Buddhism knows God very well, and the Christianity taught by Jesus is based on this authentic Buddhism.

The Tathagatagarbha described by Buddha in Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra is nothing other than the by Jesus (for reasons of persecution by the Pharisees) so called „Kingdom of God“. The Buddha Dhatu (Buddha Nature) is the Holy Spirit, the virtual and autonomous Intelligence of the Cosmic Consciousness in the Tathagatagarbha. And the Tathagata (spiritual Buddha) is the personal manifestation of the Holy Spirit: God, Bhagavan.

The Dharma Kaya (phenomenon body of Tathagata/God) is so called because all phenomena (appearances perceptibles with human senses) are holographic projections from the Brahmajyoti, and also, as described in the previous chapter, the phenomenon body of the spiritual Buddha.

Buddha makes a very clear distinction between the Dharma Kaya (the external appearance of the phenomenon body) and the Tathagata (the virtual intelligence of Cosmic Consciousness in the phenomenon body).

Krishna's descriptions of Brahman (Cosmic Consciousness) and Paramatman (Universal Consciousness) were (and are) essential for understanding the functionality of God. Buddha furthermore reveals through his comments on the Dharma Kaya and Tathagata, how this personal appearance of God (Bhagavan) arises.

In fact, Buddhism does not only know God, but as the only religion distinguishes clearly between the external personal manifestation of God (Dharma Kaya) and its interior, the virtual intelligence of Cosmic Consciousness (Dharma Dhatu in the apparition of Tathagata).

Here on the basis of the above mentioned treatise (“Buddha and God” by Dr. Tony Page) some selected quotes from Buddha (comments on my part are in italics). Let's start with a description of the Dharma Kaya (external personal manifestation of God) in Samadhiraja Sutra:

“The Dharma Kaya is undifferentiated from the aspect of Nirvana (identic to the sight of Nirvana) ... born from the application of the great supernatural faculty (born from the interface of the great supernatural totality of all individual consciousnesses, the Brahmajyoti) - such is the body of the Tathagata to be described ... like the sky - this is how my body is described. The great hero (Tathagata) is identical to the absolute (universally applicable to all people) body (the Dharma Kaya). Born of Dharma (phenomena / out of the Brahmajyoti) is his body.”

Now to the content of Dharma Kaya, which is the spiritual Buddha (Tathagata). Here is a very revealing description of Buddha from the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra:

"The Tathagata is a phenomenon (appearance which can be perceived with the human senses) because the Tathagata is the Dharma Dhatu (the virtual intelligence of Cosmic Consciousness) ... The Tathagata is an attribute (property) because it completely encompasses all phenomena (all phenomena are manifestations of Tathagata). The Tathagata is a mind, because it is endowed with the knowledge of the thoughts of other beings (because as Cosmic Consciousness he consists of the totality of all individual consciousnesses and therefore the thoughts of those individual consciousnesses are his) ... The Tathagata displays Nirvana.” (Those who reach the Tathagata have reached Nirvana).

And finally about Buddha as Creator God in Samadhiraja Sutra:

“Thousands of millions of spheres (universes) are magically created by me (Tathagata), and they serve the living beings.”

… in „Kulayarāja Tantra“:

„I, the supreme source, am the sole maker ... The nature of phenomena is created through me ... I am self-arising wisdom that has existed from the beginning. I am the supreme source of everything … pure and total consciousness ... all elements, worlds and beings are my body, my voice, and my mind ... All that appears is my nature. All that manifests is my magical display (all phenomena of the Brahmajyoti have their spiritual origin in Cosmic Consciousness) ... I am the core of all that exists, because I contain all phenomena. I am the seed of all that exists, because I give birth to everything. I am the cause of all that exists, because all comes forth from me ... I am called the root, because I am everything.“

... and in the Lalitavistara Sutra:

  "I am the god above the gods, superior to all the gods; no god is like me."

Not only did the disciples of Buddha share this knowledge, but also – as the following quotation from the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra shows – all devas (mortal gods and demigods).

"All the devas to the highest heaven ... came to where the Buddha was, touched his feet with their heads and said to him: Oh Bhagavan (supreme creator god), Oh Tathagata!"

However, one must never forget that the spiritual Buddha (Tathagata) represents the totality of all enlightened beings (Buddhas) in Cosmic Consciousness, the virtual intelligence and essence of Cosmic Consciousness, the result of its manifold manifestations in the infinite number of universes from the beginning of all times on to this day.

And what is – in its nature – the result of this development?

Buddha answers that in the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra:

"Loving kindness is the Tathagata. O noble son! Loving kindness is the origin of all beings ... Loving kindness is what exists in the incomprehensible world of all Buddhas (in Cosmic Consciousness) ... Loving kindness is the Buddha-Dhatu (the Buddha nature) in all beings ... Loving kindness is the Eternal. The Eternal is Dharma (Cosmic Consciousness / Nirvana). Dharma is the sangha (community of all enlightened ones). The sangha is Loving kindness. Loving kindness is the Tathagata. Oh, noble son ...

Loving kindness is Bliss. Bliss is Dharma. Dharma is the sangha. The sangha is loving kindness. Loving kindness is the Tathagata. O noble son! ...

Loving kindness is the Pure. The pure is Dharma. Dharma is the sangha. The sangha is loving kindness. Loving kindness is the Tathagata. O noble son! ...

Loving-kindness is the Self (atman in original text). The Self is Dharma ... O noble son!

Loving kindness is the immortal ... Loving kindness is the Buddha-Dhatu ...

Loving kindness is the boundless world of the Bhagavan (God)."

The essence of the Cosmic Consciousness (Bhagavan, God) and the Buddha nature in every being are Love. It is the blissful, pure, eternal and immortal "true Self", and that’s what has to be cultivated in order to reach Nirvana.

"So you monks should not consider the concept of transience, suffering, and not-self (false ego) ... as the true meaning (of the Buddhist doctrine), as do those who look for a radiant jewel in a pool, but foolishly only grabbing useless pebbles and falsely mistaking them for priceless treasures, assuming that little bits of bricks, stones, grass, and gravel would be the jewel ... meditate continuously on the idea of the Eternal, the Bliss, the Pure and the Self ... Those who seek to attain reality (Cosmic Consciousness / Nirvana), meditatively cultivating the ideas of the Eternal, the Bliss and the Pure and the true Self (Love), will skillfully bring forth the Jewel (Nirvana)."

(Buddha in the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra)


Authentic Christianity


The descriptions of Nirvana by Jesus Christ reproduced in the course of this account are in remarkably perfect agreement with those of the Buddha, and the principal character of Cosmic Consciousness and the Buddha nature described therein – Love – form the basis for the Christian teachings of the Love of God to mankind and of charity.

But how did Jesus get to Buddhist knowledge?

In the library of the Buddhist monastery Hemis in Le, Ladakh, Kashmir, the Tibetan copy of a document was found in 1887, which gives information about the whereabouts of Jesus from his 13th to the 29th year of life and thus also a clear reference to the origin of Christianity.

In their original form these are scrolls with 224 verses written in Pali and entitled „The Life of Saint Issa (Jesus) - the Best Son of Man“, created immediately after the crucifixion of Jesus in India and kept now in Lhasa, Tibet, China.

Further Tibetan translations of this report were found by the Hindu priest Swami Abhedananda, president of the „Vedanta Society of New York” from 1897 to 1921, (, during his research, apart from Hemis Monastery also in other surrounding Buddhist monasteries. He published the results of his investigation in his travel book „Kashmir and Tibet“ and later in „Swami Abhedananda's Journey into Kashmir & Tibet“, published by Ramakrishna Vedanta Math Publishing House, Calcutta, India (

According to these scrolls, Jesus left his parents and his native Israel at the early age of 13 years (!) and joined a trading caravan over Sindh (Persia) to India, with the aim “to perfect himself in the knowledge of the word of God and to study the laws of the great Buddha.”  God always means Buddha in the scrolls.

His journey took him first to Djagguernat, in the district of Orsis, where he studied the Vedas and Vedic healing under the guidance of Brahmin priests. Jesus spent 6 years in Djagguernat, Radjagriha, Benares, Puri Jagannath, Rajgirh near Nalanda - an important religious center of Hinduism - and other holy Hindu places.

The common people loved him because he lived in peace with the lower castes and explained to them the scriptures - just like Buddha - while the members of the Brahmins and warrior caste kept reminding him that this was forbidden. In general, over time it became more and more difficult for Jesus to follow the polytheistic Brahmanic interpretations of the Vedas, and he vehemently expressed his own spiritual understanding, which corresponded to that of (at that time) monotheistic Buddhism:

„The Eternal Spirit (Cosmic Consciousness) is the only and indivisible soul (virtual intelligence) of the universe, and it is this soul alone that creates, contains and animates everything.“

And while the members of the lower castes admired Jesus for his Buddha-like worldview, the Brahmins finally sent their servants to kill the revolutionary young preacher.

However, Jesus was warned by the Sudras (members of the lowest caste), left Djagguernat by night, and fled to Kapila (Himalayas, Nepal), where Buddha was born and where people worshiped the sublime Brahma as their only deity, in Buddhism then synonym for the personal manifestation (God/Tathagata) of Brahman, the Cosmic Consciousness. After learning the local language Pali, he devoted himself to a thorough study of Buddhist scriptures. Jesus sojourned six years among the Buddhists, where he found "the monotheistic principle in its pure form" (!) and himself confirmed in his spiritual understanding.

Then Jesus, „chosen by the Buddha to spread his holy word“ – so the original text of the scrolls – left Nepal and slowly hiked homeward towards Israel over the next three years, preaching Buddhism all along the way.

Interesting in this context is also an interview that the lama (abbot) of the Hemis monastery in 1887 gave to a reporter who had learned as the first western visitor to the monastery of Hemis of the antiquarian work on Jesus: „Buddha incarnated with his divine nature in the person of the holy Jesus, who then moved out to spread our true and great religion (Buddhism) throughout the world … Not only do Christians respect the rules of monotheism, they have also adopted the teachings of the Buddha … Their big mistake however was that they completely separated from him and created their own Dalai Lama (the Pope) ... Jesus was a spiritual part (reincarnation) of our Lord (Buddha) ... we have recorded his name and his work in our holy scriptures, and as we read how his great life perished amid this crowd of erring people, we weep for the terrible sin of those pagans who have tortured and killed him.

Jesus is very much respected among the Buddhists, but he is only known by the chief lamas, who have read the scrolls relating to his life ... There have existed an infinite number of Buddhas like Jesus, and 84,000 scrolls are filled brim full of details concerning each one of them.

We respect Jesus as son of the One and Indivisible God, but we do not see in him the Only Son, but the excellent being that was chosen among all. It is Jesus, the Son of God, to whom we (Buddhist monks) address directly our fervent prayers, and to him alone we recur to intercede with our One and Indivisible God.

It is now about two thousand years that the perfect being (Buddha) awoke and appeared in a newborn of a poor family (Buddha was reborn in Jesus). It was his (Buddha's) will that this little child illumines the unfortunates of the world and bring the erring people back to the path of truth, setting an example for them ... When this holy child reached a certain age, it was brought to India, where it studied the laws of the Great Buddha until manhood.“

„Christians following the teachings of Buddha; Jesus as incarnation of the Great Buddha and intended by the Buddha to spread Buddhism throughout the world; Jesus as Son of God and mediator between Buddhist monks and the indivisible Buddhist God.” The Lama leaves no doubt here about the monotheism of Buddhism (1887 CE in Kashmir) and the origin of Christianity.

At 29, Jesus reached his native Israel, where he was already awaited with great hope and joy. When he came near the holy city of Jerusalem, its inhabitants went out to meet him, and led him in triumph to the temple. Thousands of people came to hear the wisdom he had acquired in distant India and Nepal, and soon thereby he brought up the Jewish clergy against him.

The name of God in Hebrew YHWH means „I am who I am“ and „I will be who I will be“. This intended ambiguity expresses that „God“ or Bhagavan, as the personalized form of Brahman, cannot be fixed on a particular look, but that he encounters anyone who comes up to him, as his own mirror-image appearance. So that was known to the Jewish clergy as well, and it thus confirms the identity of the Jewish God YHWH with Bhagavan, the personal manifestation of Brahman (Cosmic Consciousness), with which Krishna and Buddha (as Tathagata) had so completely identified.

"I am the light above them all. I am the universe, the universe has come out of me, and the universe is extended to me. Split a wood, I'm there. Lift up a stone, and you will find me there." (Jesus in Thomas Gospel verse 77). Also Jesus identified fully with the Cosmic Consciousness, because the Light above them all, out of which the Cosmic Consciousness manifests and materializes in nature, including all living beings, is the Brahmajyoti. The Universe is a manifestation of the Cosmic Consciousness to every piece of wood and into the earth under each stone. This manifested part of the Cosmic Consciousness is extended as the Universal Consciousness to the edge of the Universe, and outside of that in (unmanifested) Cosmic Consciousness is Jesus. This is what the Gospel of Thomas says, and that's what I experienced in my Nirvana experience.

Jesus recognized the Jewish god YHWH as Dharma Kaya, but in the consciousness of the Jewish population this was still occupied with the warlike nature of Krishna, and that was exactly what Jesus intended to change, for he too had undoubtedly seen the Tathagata in his Nirvana experience.

„You have heard that (see Old Testament / compare with Krishna) it has been said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But I say to you, do not resist anyone who does something evil to you, but if someone hits you on the right cheek, then hold out the other one to him! ... You have heard that (see Old Testament / compare with Krishna) it was said: You should love your next and hate your enemy. But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who insult and persecute you.” (Jesus in Matthew 5: 38 ff.)

Nowhere in the Bible is it clearer than here that Jesus preached the non-violent path of Buddhism in the territory of the Pharisees. For this reason, he also had to fear for his life and spoke only in parables of the Kingdom of God, which is nothing else but the omnipresent Cosmic Consciousness (Tathagatagarbha).

„The Kingdom (Cosmic Consciousness / Buddha Nature) is inside of you, and it is outside of you.“ (Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas verse 3) The spiritual origin of man is the Cosmic Consciousness, and therefore he has in his deepest interior a portion of Cosmic Consciousness, the original enlightened nature of Spirit, Holy Spirit (Buddha-nature / Buddha-Dhatu), the „True Self“ in Buddhism, the perfect part of „Atman“ in Vedas and Hinduism. This is the small part of the „Kingdom” in all living beings and in all matter. By far the greater part of Cosmic Consciousness is unmanifested („unborn“) outside the material universes, hence outside of man.

„The kingdom of the Father (Buddha Nature) is spread over the earth, and men do not see it.“ (Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas verse 113) The part of the Cosmic Consciousness manifested as matter, the Universal Consciousness, as our nature with trees, plants, and living beings, is spread over the earth, and humans do not recognize it as such.

Jesus lives as Bodhisattva (Buddhist Savior) the central idea of ​​early Mahayana Buddhism, taking over the karma of mankind on his shoulders (purifying sins through his blood / Heb. 1, 3 / Rev. 1, 5), and to lead them collectively to salvation (from the wheel of reincarnation) and to eternal life (Nirvana) in the Kingdom of God (Cosmic Consciousness).

It is this Redeemer's idea of Mahayana Buddhism that makes up a Redeemer's religion like Christianity, but this is only preserved as an eroded framework in the Bible, because the base building dogma of reincarnation, originating from Hinduism and Buddhism, originally official church doctrine, was forbidden by imperial edict in 543 CE, removed by the Church along with all related and referring text passages (law of Karma, Buddha Nature, Nirvana) from the Bible, and 553 CE even cursed as heresy. This has also caused the loss of the knowledge, of what mankind should originally be redeemed from (cycle of rebirths), and what it really expected after salvation (Nirvana).

And yet, the reconstruction of authentic Christianity is much simpler than might be supposed: it is the early Mahayana Buddhism, which relies on the Buddha's statements about the Dharma Kaya and Tathagata (God), and to the time of Jesus was lived as a monotheistic religion in India and Nepal.

Loh Tse